Product applications

Virtual pipeline is a new term symbolizing group of products and equipment designed to replace function of conventional gas pipeline in locations which are not directly connected to a gas pipeline network. These application solutions also serve to deliver of gases to the locations that allow or require road, rail and / or ship traffic. These applications meet wide range of international requirements and regulations.

  • High pressure transportable bundles

High-volume bundles for transport of compressed gases such as hydrogen, helium, natural gas, etc., are used, for example, in virtual gas pipelines.

  • High pressure stationary bundles

Large-capacity gas storage bundles with wide range of applications according to customer specifications and variable working pressures from 200 to 700 bar. Bundles are used  (for example and not only) as a gas containers for filling stations or high-pressure containerized solutions.

  • MEGC Container (20', AB-Roll)

Multiple Element Gas Containers are used to transport large volumes of technical gases, CNG and hydrogen. The construction and connection of cylinders in containers conform to ADR / RID / IMDG. These solutions are unified according to the dimensional standards of shipping container or AB-Roll shipping containers.

  • Trailers (battery vehicles)

Trailer storage or battery vehicles for gas transport conform to production according to ADR regulations.

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