Since 2007, Cylinders Holding has been actively involved in education and training of both its existing and future employees.

The company follows the tradition of employee education which dates back to the latter half of the 19th century, when it started to train apprentices through various types of secondary schools supported by former Vítkovické železárny.

Cylinders Holding is a founding member and also a proud partner of the Lower Vítkovice area, which currently serves as a unique educational, cultural and social centre with an international coverage. In addition, it is in close proximity of Cylinders Holding facilities.

We are trying to awaken children’s interest in technical disciplines, starting at pre-school age. That is why cooperation with Lower Vítkovice is an important part of the whole process of education of our future colleagues. In addition, we offer children at primary schools excursions to the Cylinders Holding production plants in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Cylinders Holding also works closely with the largest private industrial school in the Czech Republic. Students of Vítkovice Secondary Industrial School are educated in a wide portfolio of specialisations offered by the school. During their studies, they prepare for future employment in our companies. Here they prepare for technological development and innovative approaches while we support their faster adaptation to the work process.

We actively cooperate with technical universities in the Czech Republic and Poland. It involves both cooperation on the training of technical experts and cooperation on development and innovation. In particular, they are the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Brno University of Technology and Silesian Polytechnics in Gliwice.