Innovation and Product Development

Products innovation and the development of new products have always been the basic philosophy of Cylinders Holding. Thanks to this, we have been at the top of worldwide cylinder production for many years.

Innovations take place primarily in the following areas:

  • Weight reduction of existing cylinders

Our products are being continuously weight reduced thanks to the innovation and are the lightest in the world today thanks to the uniquely developed CrMo steel with increased strength and toughness.

  • New types of cylinders with extruded inner neck

We have developed and patented the extrusion of cylinders with the inner neck, which gives our customers the opportunity to reduce significantly the weight of stationary and mobile applications, where there are required two connecting points (in the neck and bottom).

  • Pressure vessels for extreme pressures

In the area of new products we designed and manufactured pressure vessels with a working pressure of 1380 bar.

  • Stainless steel cylinders

We have developed a unique patented technology of the reverse extruded stainless steel cylinders that is certified for diving, special gases, calibration gases, automotive and other fields of use.

  • Development of surface treatment of tools

We have a unique type of surface protection for tool steels for hot work, which is protected by the European utility model.

  • Extruded tanks for hydrogen storage

As the only one in the world, we produce reverse extruded pressure vessels for hydrogen storage at up to 1000 bar, which gives our customers a higher fatigue life compared to tanks made from tubes.

  • Special NDT methods

We have developed a mobile device for non-destructive testing by acoustic emission method. This gives our customers a unique opportunity to have checked cylinders, tanks, bundles, trailers and other applications within periodic inspection much more simply and quickly and anywhere in the world.

  • Product applications

We produce a comprehensive solution for storage of gases, primarily hydrogen, in unique storage modular units according to exact customer specifications or in units designed according to limit parameters (space, volume, location, etc.). For these applications, we have special pipe welding technology for extreme pressures.

Thanks to our own material and its processing into the final form of tanks, including their installation into units, we are the only global manufacturer in the field of complex pressure applications that is able to offer to the customer a whole made "under one roof“. All components are recyclable, thanks to that we maximize our contribution to reduce secondary waste.

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